Circumcision Devices Buy Back Poster
Crying baby
Oh, he's just perfect! Except for that funny penis.
Explain to me again how he needs to be cut like daddy?
Boy from "The Sixth Sense"
Conspiracy Keanu on circumcision in Africa
Alicia Silverstone and her son
Sewer scene from Stephen King's "It"
Joker mind loss screenshot
The most interesting man in the world threatens to kill strangers when defending baby circumcision
Most interesting man in the world
Logic check
Sad elephant
Ronald McDonald on the phone
Skeptical Baby
Photo of a skeleton sitting on a park bench
Jimmy McMillan, leader of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party
President Barack Obama and his advisors laughing hysterically
The Most Interesting Man in the World
I love the added glide of my husband's foreskin
CDC photo
Kirk and his crew from Star Trek choking
Photo of a child with mud on his hands
10 intact male celebrities
Saving Chase cover image
What If I Told You meme
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