Is this is wrong, then why is THIS okay?
Turtleneck, Anteater, Elephant Trunk: Acroposthion is the Ridged Band
The anteater, elephant truck is the acroposthion which forms the ridged band of the erect intact penis.
Kirk and his crew from Star Trek choking
Photo of a child with mud on his hands
10 intact male celebrities
Saving Chase cover image
What If I Told You meme
If man holding toy pistol to baby's head is wrong, why is baby circumcision okay?
Roseanne Barr on circumcision
Saving Chase Campaign
Mr. Grey Has His Whole Package
Overly attached girlfriend meme.
Willy Wonka Meme
Chronological listing of medical professionals promoting circumcision to prevent masturbation juxtaposed with AAP's position that a decrease in sensation is only anecdotal.
Photo of a woman standing next a large sculpture of a vulva.
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